For any type of job interview, you should be prepared yourself before going to interview and particularly in security sector. There are few mistakes need to avoid when applying for a security position.

The most important thing for a successful and satisfactory security job interview is common sense because applicant needs to play smartly and logically with confidence. Similarly, applicant must need to think before speak is the crucial factor because the interviewer is playing with the answers of the applicant.

If you have or had any type of involvement in suspicious activities such as alcohol or drug addiction or criminal record then security job is not suitable for you, no matter how trained and  prepared you are. Moreover, if we think practically for a job of bank security, client will never ever want to hire a person who has any criminal record no matter what.

Dressing is a most common mistake that people do. Normally people thing that if they have big muscles they do not require a decent dressing, but in reality dressing is a very important factor. Furthermore, security officer has a proper descent uniform for job and client hire security guard for relax peace of mind instead of gangster look.

Security is a confidence job. So when you are going for an interview do not talk too much and no need to tell anyone that you are nervous no matter what. Basically, the security company needs a person who are able to deal with stressful thing such as in case of emergency at bank or shopping mall then they are able to perform all the health and safety procedures without losing temper.

Last but not the least, applicant must need to show interest and skills that are required for the job. Similarly, you should be confident on your skills, but not overconfident that will lead towards the rejection of the interview