Plethora of people think that if they have a huge or muscular body they can easily become a security guard. On the other hand, there are myriad of requirements that are compulsory to become a security officer such as language proficiency, specific security courses and exams, no criminal record, not addiction of drugs, must be 18 years old and lot more. In this article all the requirements are discussed below in detail.

Primary goal of a security guard is to protect the premises, staff and guests depending upon the site requirements. Similarly, hiring a security guard is basically, a pre-active measure, to overcome the problem of malicious or suspicious activity on the site. Security guard acts only when abnormal situation arises. If the situation is not under control then security guard can ask for assistance from their colleagues, if they are available otherwise call the police directly.

For the eligibility of a security guard position, there are few basic requirements that almost all security companies share. It varies, but the common prerequisite are secondary education completed, must be at least 18 years old, not having any serious medical condition, no criminal record and psychological factor. Most importantly, no alcohol or drugs addiction. Security job is not suitable for everyone because self-control is a major factor and guard must be able to face risky or sensitive situations which includes his own and other’s lives. Moreover, if you want to achieve higher position in your security guard career you should have all the qualities that are mentioned earlier.

There are also some skills that would be highly appreciated by the security companies when hiring new employees. If you have any physical training certificates such as martial arts that can add a bonus point on yours CV and help you to be hire. However, you would be still have to do the special training course and pass the exam for certificate.

Proficiency of language is a vital factor, despite you would be trained in this aspect such as NATO phonetic alphabet. A security guard should be able to communicate correctly and clearly with the colleague’s, public and police as well.

Some people do security jobs as a tentative job to add some extra money into their income, and get the most basic security wage and experience. While on the other hand, some people decide to take security guard job as a career and those are the ones that will get deeper and specialized trainings such as bodyguard special training, CCTV surveillance techniques, firearms training and many more. Furthermore, experienced specialized security guards can get highly payed jobs because they are dealing with critical responsibilities.